The Tibidabo funfair is one of Barcelona’s top tourist attractions and a symbol of the city.  

It is a traditional amusement park that was officially opened on the 29th October 1901 and is perhaps one of the oldest in the world.

From here you have the best views you can possible get of Barcelona.

Work on the access to the Amusement park by tram the funicular railway started on 16th June 1900. To get there use the Tramvia Blau (blue tram) and the funicular, they will be your first fun rides of the day but once  you arrive you will find other great stomach churning rides.

For many people the old fashioned ones, like the merry-go-round, are the stars of the show. 

There are 25 rides and attractions for the whole family… children, teenagers and adults. 

You will enjoy the shows and amazing street theatre that can be seen while walking from ride to ride.

There are also restaurants, picnic areas and a whole bunch of other services to ensure a fun filled day.

Woody Allen filmed part of the Oscar winning film Vicky Cristina Barcelona here on the Sky Walk.

This is where you will have the best views from an altitude of 500m.

Top 10

1. The Hotel Krüeger

Visit this terrifying abandoned hotel at your own risk…. All the scariest movie characters can be found here. 

2. Avió (airplane)

This is the most emblematic ride and perhaps the first flight simulator ever made.

3. Roller coaster 

Enjoy the best views while speeding around at 80km/h 500m above sea level.

4. Diàvolo 

You will feel like a bird flying over the city.

5. Merry-go-round

Back down to earth with the fairies and a wonderful world of fantasy.

6. Alaska 

A water roller coaster for kids surrounded by penguins, polar bears and an igloo. 

7. Talaia 

This rides takes you up to 550 m … Great view!!

8. Tibidabo Express 

This ride takes you on a fast ride through the trees.

9. Hurakan (Hurricane)

Fast and exciting 360° turns.

10. Dididado 

This is the 4D cinema where you can live some great new experiences.


Normal Entrance fee: 28.50 €

Sky Walk only: 12.70 €


Under 120 cm: 10.30 €

Sky Walk only: 7.80 €


Under 90 cm: 0 €

Sky Walk only: 0 €  

People under 90 cm can use some of the rides if accompanied by an adult but the adult must have the corresponding entrance ticket for the ride.

Over 60 years of age: 10 €

Sky Walk only: 6.70 €


If you are over 60 and would only like to visit and not use any of the attractions: 0 €


Handicapped: 5.60 €

Sky Walk only: 3.30 €

How to get there

Getting there is easy and using public transport is the most economical option.


Price (Return): 7.70€

If you buy your entrance ticket at the same time, the funicular will only cost 4.10€

Pensioners and the handicapped: 2 €

Tibibus (Bus)

Only available on the days the Amusement Park is open.


Line T2A

Plaça Catalunya – Centre d'Acollida d'animals – Amusement Park

Line T2B

Sant Genís – Vall d'Hebrón – Amusement Park


Line T2A

Amusement Park  – Plaça Catalunya

Line T2B

Amusement Park  – Vall d'Hebron – Sant Genís

Price (one-way): 2.95 € 


0.05 € per minute

1h: 3 €

All day: 10 €

If you lose the parking ticket: 10 €

More Information


Plaça Tibidabo, 3-4, 08035 Barcelona

Phone: 932 11 79 42

For more info and the opening hours please visit the official website 

Opening times of the Tibidabo Sky Walk in 2014.

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