Barcelona With Children

You can have fun with your kids while in Barcelona, there are many attractions for kids and parents to enjoy.

Barcelona with children is a fun place for young and old and a trip here with your family will be very enjoyable.

Barcelona with kids is easy so don't stress!!! Just remember that you are all on holiday and that your kids will adapt to the Barcelona timetable quickly.

Your children will enjoy exploring the narrow streets or going to the beach for a swim with you.

Remember that public transport is free for kids under 4, almost all the metro stations have lifts, so getting prams up and down to the trains is not problem.

It is also easy to get a pram onto the buses because they are quite low.

Eating out is usually not a problem either, most restaurants have kiddies menus.... but if you have trouble finding one, just try a tapas bar and order tapas until everyone has had enough to eat.

Barcelona with children is easy.

The 10 best attractions for kids in Barcelona:

1. The Tibidabo Fairground, attractions for the whole family ranging from roller coasters to the House of Terror, all very exciting and a lot of fun!

2. The Barcelona Zoo is one of the places all children love, Barcelona's Zoo is beautiful and a great place to spend a day.

3. The Aquarium, with its underwater tunnel is very exciting.

4. The Magic Fountains on Montjuic will keep the kids entertained while you enjoy the lights and music.

5. Las Ramblas, your kids will love the human statues, the painters and all the action.

6. The best museum to take your kids to is the CosmoCaixa, this is the science museum, the whole family is guaranteed to heave fun here.

7. FC Barcelona, for football fans young and old this is a must.

8. The Wax Museum, great for a rainy day.

9. The Chocolate Museum, the best tasting museum in the city.

10. Visit Planeta Magic, it has an indoor jumping castle, trampolines and a huge jungle gym structure.    Don't miss their Fiestas Para Adultos.....

City breaks can be quite busy, but you will be pleased to know that even though Barcelona does not have many green areas you will find parks with swings and slides dotted all over the city. These are great places to take a quick break from sightseeing.

A few of the best parks to visit are:

1.Parc de La Ciutadella


3.Parc Guell

4.Parc de l'Escorxador

5.Jardins de la Tamarita‎

6.Parque del Laberinto de Horta

Some things to do with your children outside of the city:

1.Visit Catalunya en Minitura

2.Visit Port Aventura

3.Visit Sitges

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Barcelona with children

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