Barcelona Tapas

Barcelona tapas bars and restaurants are excellent and will be one of you Barcelona food experience highlights.

Tapas represents the Spanish way of life and Spanish food perfectly, it is exciting, lively, creative, always surprising and never boring.

Eating tapas in Barcelona is a sociable and friendly way of enjoying the best food of the season while sampling some of the regions wines and beers.

The origin of tapas

There are various legends on the origin of tapas.

In one it is said that many years ago an inkeeper started putting a lid "tapa" on his customer's wine glasses to keep out dust and flies. This lid was usually a slice of bread, but he then came up with the great idea of putting something tastey like cheese or ham on top.

Another legend says that Alfonso X, the King of Castilla in the XIII century had to eat small amounts of food between meals accompanied by wine as a treatment of an illness. After recovering from his illness he made it law that wine could not be served without being accompanied by food, but most people believe tapas originated in Andalucia.

Over the years these "tapas" have become more sophisticated and innovative and can be made from seafood, meat, eggs, nuts, cheese and Mediterranean vegetables. There are some amazing dips and sauces that accompany them. Tapas have become the symbol of Spanish food.

They can be enjoyed in bars as an appitiser or can even be a whole meal.

There are many different types of tapas that reflect the differnt foods from all over Spain.

You can enjoy all the tastes of Spain at one of the many Barcelona tapas bars.

What to order

When you first see a tapas menu you may be a little overwhelmed, there is such an amazing variety of food to choose from.

Here you have an easy guide of a few of the best tapas dishes that you will be able to enjoy while in Barcelona.

Patatas Bravas (Deep fried cubes of potatoes served with a spicy sauce and mayonnaise)

Ensaladilla Rusa (Potato salad made with vegetables and mayonnaise)

Pimientos de Padron (Small peppers from Galicia, fried with plenty of salt. Some are spicey and some aren't)

Olives (There are many different types of olives to chose from)

Tortilla de Patatas (The traditional Spanish omelette)

Croquettes (Jamon, Chicken or fish)

Buñuelos (Fritters)


Gambas (Prawns)

Jamon (Spanish ham)

Mejillones (Mussels)

Almejas (Clams)

Pinchos (Brochettes)

Pulpo al la Gallega (Octopus Galecian style)

Albondiguillas (Tiny Spanish meatballs)

Empanadillas (Suffed puff pastry)


Pan con tomate (Bread with tomato)

Free Tapas in Barcelona!

Here you have a map of where you can get tapas for free... Check it out before going out.

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